The Only MARINE Pelletized Food in the World 

Encapsulated With Freez-Dried Copepods 

Made in the USA

What's Available?

We proudly offer two distinct products –
DAINICHI REEF VEGGIE FX, our herbivere-oriented formula packed with organic kelp, copepods and krill,
and our DAINICHI MARINE FX, our higher protein formula featuring two different spirulina types designed to
bring out the maximum color and beauty in your fish and invertebrates.

What's Special About our Dainichi Marine Fish Food? 


Dainichi Koi Food

Using our exclusive process, our food is encapsulated with our exclusive vitamin and mineral coating – after the cooking phase. This process ensures heat sensitive ingredients are absorbed into the pellet without being exposed to heat, thereby retaining their potency.

Why is this so important?

Fish nutritionists have proven that the fish's immune system lacks long term memory. The special vitamin and enzyme formula we supplement our food with is essential to boost the fish's immune system response, so your fish and invertebrates can fight off bacterial and viral infections, repair surface damage and increase luster and sheen. All our DAINICHI formulas are coated with a special vitamin and mineral coating after the extrusion process to assure optimum nutritional potency. This cold process ensures that ingredients, which would normally be denatured, or even totally destroyed by exposure to heat, are kept at their full potency. As you may know well know, vitamins and digestive enzymes should not be exposed to heat. However, only DAINICHI FISH FOOD makes this fact a reality. Fully active vitamins and color agents do wonders for your koi's appearance and health. Active digestive enzymes and no fillers promote unmatched digestion rates – that leaves your marine display cleaner and healthier. 

Dainichi Koi Food

How good are our ingredients?

Nowadays, virtually every fish food manufacturer or brand brag that they use "premium" quality ingredients. However, with the exception of the white fish meal and the Antarctic krill meal (both of which are actually by-products of fish fillet and krill oil production for human consumption), all of our other ingredients are either organic or human grade.
• NO inferior and deceptive ingredients.
• NO blood or bone meal, feather meal or various glutens used to bump up the protein content on the label.
• NO soy or grain by-products used as cheap fillers meant to pad the profit margins.
The ingredients that go into DAINICHI marine formulas are absolutely "top-shelf". Nothing better. We spare no expense in our ingredient selection. Generally, this is not done in the fish food industry, where lower ingredient prices often dictate the quality – first and foremost. The difference is that we are fish lovers too, and will not compromise on the quality of food that bears our name. There are not many "tricks" when it comes to producing the best food...Without the best ingredients, the bragging just becomes a marketing ploy. That is just NOT us.


What else... makes our foods stand out?



All Dainichi fish foods contain calcium montmorillonite clay. This bentonite clay contains more than 60 mineral compounds and has been proven to be immensely helpful in enhancing digestion and growth, as well as neutralizing metabolic toxins. In an artificial environment such as a fish tank or pond, the clay helps return minerals to the water and stabilizes its chemical make-up. In this way, the water more closely resembles the natural habitat of koi.

In comparison to most food brands, DAINICHI foods are higher in protein content. Why? This is due to our use of high protein ingredients like spirulina (52-62%), krill (62%), and pea protein (80%). However, experience has taught us that while too little protein is not enough to maximize the growth and development, too much protein is detrimental to the water quality and thus the general welfare of the tank inhabitants. Fish simply cannot assimilate excess protein and pass it through in form of waste production. 

Dainichi Fish Food produces the freshest fish food in the world. Made to order, our dealers and customers receive food made only DAYS ago. 
You koi will notice the difference and so will you!

Dainichi Koi Food Dainichi Koi Food Our process may take twice as long, but this guarantees that your fish receive the required all-natural vitamins and minerals – and more. Is this necessary? We think so. Years of experience have taught us that only through a nutritionally balanced diet can the health, beauty, and longevity of your koi be maximized. Dainichi Fish Food's two-step process has resulted in a superior product well worth the investment. The health of your fish is important to us. We are koi lovers too!


All food is packed in 100% UV light-resistant, re-sealable bags for maximum freshness.


Dainichi Koi Food